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Services – Your R&D in France

Establish research and development facilities in France and set up R&D centers

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Auvalie Innovation assists innovative foreign companies in establishing their research and development facilities in France, then securing and accelerating their R&D project. France is the leading European country for R&D centers of foreign companies, with 144 foreign direct investments in R&D centres in 2022. This attractiveness is mainly due to the favourable fiscal framework for innovative companies and the quality of the R&D ecosystem.

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Identify the best financing strategy to establish R&D facilities in France

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There are many national and regional incentives to encourage foreign capital to invest in R&D in France. The size of the organization to be set up, the nature of scientific activities or the academic background of R&D operators will determine the type of financial or non-financial assistance you could benefit in order to support your project. Auvalie Innovation can help you to understand these criteria and obtain the best financing.

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Auvalie Innovation assistance

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Getting public grants and loans to set up R&D center

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French authorities support R&D activities by granting direct subsidies (loans and grants) before the beneficiary company incurs expenses. Auvalie Innovation team will help you  put together the presentation file for your project and assist your companies with the administrative procesdures involved in submitting your R&D center project to the funding organisation.

Auvalie Innovation assistance

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Tax management and accounting compliance

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The French government proposes Research & Innovation tax credit, RTC:

1) tax relief or money given back to you for having R&D activities located in France and/or subcontracted in Europe

2) salary tax reduction: “JEI status”, for a new company, up to 8 years

3) corporate tax reduction (if tax): “JEI status”, for a new company, during the first 2

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Auvalie Innovation assistance

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